Adapt and Reboot your business Now!

As part of our commitment to helping businesses 15% of all proceeds will be donated to the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Response Fund. Read more


If you are a small business or a necessity driven entrepreneur 
we are here to help.This plan is the first step to immediately identify your most urgent needs to help kickstart your business or help with making the necessary changes to your existing business now!

- Scheduled consultation
- Comprehensive review of your business model
- Implementation assessment for your immediate next steps
- Recommendations
- Full access to our community 24/7

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Business 360^

For SMEs and startups - continuous 360 help and advice to manage your business during this crisis and through to recovery phase. May include but not limited to the following

-Live Consultation via Zoom ++
-Comprehensive review of your business
-Assessment for financial supports
-Adapt and Pivot your business model-Business Roadmap
-Remote working Solutions
-Cash flow modelling
-New Market Access
-Business Plan development for current SME financial instruments
-Steps to help your business model pivot and move online
-Customer Retention
-Building New Pipelines
-Build online presence
-Access government supports
-Help with short term finance and supports
-Lean business modelling
-Manage the transition
-24/7 Community support - Slack Channel

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